Best programing language to learn



As you all I’m very motivated (and excited) by being part of that awesome revolution, and I want to be a builder !

I’m actualy learning Ruby, because of it’s clarity and all the awesome ressources I’ve found on the Internet. But I don’t see that language used a lot in the blockchain’s environment.

What’s your point of view about the most adapted programing language for blockchain development ?

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Do you want to do core protocol development like writing clients for blockchains or building improvement proposals, or do you want to build user facing dApps that have a web interface and use some sort of contract that integrates with a service? Another way to look at that is do you want to build infrastructure like roads or do you want to build applications people use like cars?

For the consumer facing stuff I’d recommend Javascript because almost every library has (or will have) compatible APIs that allow you to use them. You’ll also be able to build interactive web apps and things rather than obscure command line applications. Also, solidity is fairly similar to Javascript so that’s a plus too if you want to go in that direction.

Otherwise I’d recommend Rust because it’s safe, fast, and has a great community with lots of resources on how to get started. Also lots of core protocol and crypto projects/libraries are switching their code over to Rust or already use it for everything.


Hey, thanks for your answer burrata !

Well, I’m passionated by protocols, but it looks like an elitist task, isn’t it ?
I’m pragmatic and realize that it’ll ask me years before having the skills required. I’m developing since less than 1 year.

I’m here to contribute and find the most appropriate place to be.

I’ll check your link later tonight, I’ve never took a look into Rust


Dude. Any project or platform or group that feels “elitist” isn’t worth your time. The goal of the Ethereum community, the Rust community, and many of the other blockchain communities including this one are to be as open and friendly as possible. Obviously that’s a goal and there’s a few assholes here and there, but for the most part blockchains are only as strong as their communities so avoiding the ones that fight and argue a lot is a good filter.

Also, EVERY language or field will require a lot of work and have problems, so just focus on learning what you care about because that’s what will enable you to push through the hard parts to succeed. Frankly I find web development confusing as hell but think deep learning, crypto, and info-sec are really fun. A lot of people feel the exact opposite. It’s really about your own interests and desires. To quote Feynmanm " Study hard what interests you the most, and do it in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible." :slight_smile:


Man… I couldnt expect a best answer. I feel like learning development is teaching me way more than technical knowledges, and your answer will resonate inside me for a while. Sorry for the short answer, but I’m kinda stunned.
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Damm, that’s some sharp cheese @burrrata :stuck_out_tongue: I love the sentiment, there are so many resources out there from Coursera courses to actual communities like Social Coding where you can interact, learn and #buidl with other ppl. Just start asking how you can help and you will find everything you need to go as far as you want :rocket:


Eheh, I dont really know how to interpret “sharp cheese”, but as a french dude any kind of cheese makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait to have enough skills to work on concrete projects, that’s the most exciting short term goal !
Thanks for those resources ! I’ve sooooo many courses now, Internet is such a nice school !