Beta Tester Information Thread


Not a member of the beta and would like to join late and catch up? Fill out the late join form here

Current Beta Schedule (subject to change):

  • Due Sunday, Oct. 6: Development environment set up, set up local coding project fork.

  • Due Wednesday, Oct. 16: Completed Chapter 1 coding assignments

  • Due Sunday, Oct. 27: Completed Chapter 2 coding assignments

  • Due Sunday, Nov. 10: Completed Chapter 3 coding assignments

  • Due Sunday, Nov. 17: Fill out course feedback, sign up for 30 minute feedback meeting

Technical Support
If you are struggling with anything along the way, don’t hesitate to send a message to the Discord group. I will do my best to answer all questions.

I will also be hosting video chat office hours to answer any questions that about the course content. Fill out this When2Meet with your average weekly availability (timezone is PST) if you’re interested, and I’ll post office hour times below.

Office Hours:


I just found out about the beta tester program today, is there room for one more? Been busy at Devcon and haven’t checked the forum in a while. The late sign up form appears to be closed :pensive: