Book Contribution Tracker



I created this Google Sheet to act as tracker for who is working on which chapter of book.
I have kept the sheet editable, so anybody can edit what one is working on. So, please update it if you are working on any chapter.

If no one is working on Chapter 2, I can take that up.


Hey Pranay, maybe we could keep a google doc version of the book for non coders? Though coordinating that with the github would be challenging. There are zapier integrations: Not sure if it would work


Hey, not sure how to do that man.


I think some form of tracker or at least signpost and communicating tool to not step on toes or overlap is a good idea!


Think I figured out how to github.

Step 1. Get a github account
Step 2. Fork the repo here:
Step 3. Get github desktop (and install)
Step 4. Clone the Repo
Step 5. Make a branch
Step 6. Make edits
Step 7. Go back to github and request a pull request.

Done :slight_smile:


Fork Vs Clone:


Side note: Merging Upstream on Github Desktop: Use command line with this code: git merge upstream/master


You can link to a google doc of your chapter in the above google sheet that @pranay made! When you’re done with your chapter you can hit me up and I will walk you through the steps to add it on to github. It’s best for you to add it to github/ learn to use github because this way you can be properly attributed for your work!


I added my name to Chapter 4, but could try to add additional chapters as well. Thanks @pranay for creating the GoogleSheet!

I may have to get in touch with @jinglebells to add the content to Github once it’s done (still finding my way around PR in github). Thanks!


:slight_smile: Thank you! @jinglebells I am learning it and it’s really awesome!


YEA! I don’t think its a hard rule that we stick to one chapter. I think we can contribute to each chapter as we see fit. Sure, maybe our contribution per chapter is smaller that way, however, we can build on each others contributions. I hope that is ok! :blush:


@jinglebells @paulapivat Where are you guys with chapters 3 & 4?


Hi @Peter, i’m still working on gathering source materials. I’m hoping to have a draft done by mid-July. My writing process is kinda slow…:grimacing:


@jinglebells @paulapivat @Peter is there anything in Chapters 3 or 4 I can help you guys with?


Hi @padpad let me make a little progress and I’d love to get your feedback/reactions to my draft. Thanks for offering, I will circle back to you if I can think of anything else. :+1:


@padpad @Peter @paulapivat @WizardOfAus, hi guys! I’ve gone ahead and made a rough draft of chapter 3. I’ve included WizardOfAus’s recent commit for that chapter. I’ve also followed @benj0702’s writing style as best as I could. Really love that style. Since I took inspiration from @benj07020, I’m calling the commit “chapter 3 inspiration”.

I’ve also figured out how to make someone a coauthor (though not entirely sure). I’m going to make @WizardOfAus a coauthor to test this, (hope he doesn’t mind).

@padpad Your writing style is more verbose than mine in terms of words used. Sometimes I can’t expand on the paragraph as easily as you. Would love your feedback on where we could expand!!! :slight_smile:


thank you for the kind works DmSuja. It’s nice to work with others who are so passionate about these topics as well.


Hey folks,

Planning to start working on chapter 5, as many people already working on chapter 2 now. Anyone else working on this now? If yes, what are you working on? We can divide topics.


@karl @jinglebells I was wondering if for Chapter 5, we can just copy (with reference) some definitions from here. At it already has some good definitions and explanations. No point repeating it again.


Hi @DmSuja @padpad @Peter ! It looks like the book chapters are on hold, per @jinglebells summary of community calls (thx! for that)…as suggested, i’ll continue to work in the form of blog posts and will happily post here for comments/feedback…:smiley:


:slight_smile: Sweet! Yea, I think we should have a “Community Contributions” Topic where can gather all the blogs, vlogs, and other contributions. Also thinking, would it be easier just to generate pics for the books instead of searching for them?