Community Nominations 🥕


We have a new DAO! It’s still in beta right now, but we’re testing it out to reward community contributors and give them a say in governance. Every week we will mint 1000 Carrot tokens and reward them to the community for awesome stuff. If you think someone is doing something awesome, please nominate them in this thread!

note: in order to actually give out the Carrot allocations we need an Ethereum address for whoever is nominated, so this is a 2 step process: get nominated and then reply to your nomination with an address that you’d like added to the DAO so that you can receive some Carrot tokens :carrot:

Welcome To The Cryptoeconomics.Study Community Forum 🙂

Well i nominate you @burrrata for the idea.


Thanks! It’s super early (just created the DAO yesterday), but I’m really excited about it! The way Allocations votes are setup currently only Carrot holders can vote. Since you’ve contributed to the community a lot in the past I’d be happy to mint you some Carrots if you want to get involved. This way you could participate in Carrot votes and Allocations. To do this I would need a name and Ethereum address you’d like registered in the DAO :slight_smile:


Sure! :slight_smile: I’d love some carrots! So my address is:

and you may register me under the alias, bugs bunny (lol).


Is that “bugs bunny” (lowercase) or “Bugs Bunny” (uppercase)?

Also, there’s 1 condition: you have to read through the new website and provide feedback if the explanation of the DAO in the Contributing section make sense. Just read through the sections and then post in the New Course Feedback thread. Then I’ll mint your Carrots and you’ll be able to vote in next week’s Allocations Vote to mint more Carrots for the community :slight_smile:

Also, if you want to earn even more Carrots :carrot: we have open bounties for test driving the new course (lectures and coding challenges) and providing feedback.

  • note: you’ll need Metamask to engage with the DAO, but you can always check out the open Issues in the bounties repo and then leave a comment there if that’s easier


Great! :slight_smile: Thanks @burrrata bugs bunny, all lowercase.


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of 100 Carrots :carrot:


Nominating @K-Ho for creating a high level overview video of the DAO!


Nominating @DmSuja for the awesome ASIC notes that got incorporated into Chapter 3: PoW :pick:

Also, does anyone know if GitHub user (and Cryptoeconomics.Study contributor) @ben-chain is on this forum?