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Hey @burrrata ,

I can’t figure out how to do the quotes that you do.

“What do you mean?”

That was cryptic. Pretty much I have a dream of finding a perfect cofounder, and pushing the app above, into existence and tweaking it until it is a viable business and incentivizes prosocial behavior (however that gets defined) at the same time. Doing it by myself (with the help of an expensive online mentoring service - courtesy of the 2017 boom) didn’t get the product shipped.

Also there is real existential psychological sh*t around pushing a product (for me, an ex, and maybe current, poet). This forum isn’t the place. But I definitely get into the feeling of the idea being my “baby,” and not being objective about whether it’s actual going to work or not. Also thinking of “working” as a black or white outcome is probably wrong, and definitely paralyzing.

Another thing holding me back is waiting for someone to give permission, or money, so then I take on less risk of skills development, time, or money.

It would probably take 3 solid months of work to ship the app (probably much more with Rust) to the point that someone would consider investing money in it. Fine, if I believe in the idea that much, then do it, but it’s a risk and that’s probably the point.

Anyway, this is all pretty personal and off topic. I can’t tell if anyone thinks like this. Real artists ship no? If it seems worth the sacrifice, do it, if not, don’t.

Regarding Rust, awesome. The less retooling, the better. Maybe that really is the route. Especially if it’ll be around for a long time.

Okay, done thinking while typing. This message is kind of silly, but that’s more what I meant.


If you highlight a piece of text, an option to “quote” comes up. If you click that then it’ll include the quoted text in a reply. From my experience most of the GitHub markdown works in Discourse as well, but always check the side by side view to make sure.

So… I’m not an expert, but paying for stuff generally leads to sub-optimal results relative to just doing stuff and telling people about it. From what I can tell, in order to launch HappenIf you really just need an Ethereum contract, a UI, and a little sharing on some socials (Product Hunt, r/ethereum, etc…). Then you can can feedback on the mvp (which will inevitably suck and be full of flaws), and iteratively improve it to make it better if you still feel so inspired.

Cryptoeconomics.Study might also move to make things like this easier in the future if you’re down for waiting and uncertainty:

Yeah, so again… I’m not an expert and there’s a lot of roads to Rome, but I think that kind of the point of decentralized communities is that the applications and networks use cryptoeconomic mechanisms to create and keep value for the users in that community. Seeking external funding, while maybe useful for some applications, also holds you accountable to external parties. This flips the script from creating communities to creating applications that create something you can sell to investors which they can sell to buyers for an acquisition. If you’re interested in the VC world Fred Wilson has a great blog that dispenses nuggets of wisdom regularly, as do the other partners at USV. DYR and be mindful of incentives. Taking VC money puts you on a MUCH different path than bootstrapping a cryptoeconomic p2p network.