Cryptoeconomics Course Trailer & Chapter 0 Released!


The first lecture & chapter has just been released!

Video Lecture 0

Link to the slides

Book Chapter 0

Link to the Github

Please leave questions, feedback, and hearts here!


It’s great what you are doing here! Just thank you!

I have one question: Am I allowed to use parts of your presentation for a presentation at University?

If you need help or assistance to build up this amazing course please let me know and I try to help you!

Best wishes


Hi Karl,

Awesome work. Just wanted to say that the book chapter link returns a 404 :slightly_frowning_face:

Good luck on the rest of the lectures


Agreed 1000% that this is an awesome initiative we need tons of!!! Just awesome :smiley:

In terms of these initial/introductory materials–here are two clarifications I think could potentially help to attract newcomers:

  1. Who is the intended audience of these lectures and this book–“Am I supposed to be here?” What knowledge should I have coming in vs expect to learn?
  2. What is the relationship between the book and video series? They’re both #0 but the content doesn’t overlap as much as I expected before clicking in.

Looking forward to seeing this grow! :slight_smile:


That was a great trailer for Cryptoeconomics! Perfect way to get people interested in the course, what you explained was basic enough for most people to understand but at the same time there seems to be a lot more in-depth information that will be explained in the future! Appreciate what you are doing for the community Karl!


Karl, I love this idea!

thanks for being the Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Blockchain World!!



#blockchaingerbilsquad! Honestly though, we could be the capybera squad too. Both factions are alive and well.


Thank you for doing this Karl!


Thanks a lot for doing this! I see lots of study material online on Solidity dApp development, but not much on the latest Ethereum infrastructure (Plasma, sharding, Casper etc.). Finally there’s a course to change this :smiley_cat:


I guess the correct GitHub link should be this one:

@karl could you please update the post or update the book GitHub repo? It seems to be empty… (this one

Awesome work with that!

  1. The intended audience is everyone! The course is intended to be a common denominator type class. Nontechnical folk can watch videos and read the book and learn a lot. Technical folk can do the homework accompanying the course!

  2. Ah Karl was like 100% Ethereum let’s go, and I’m like “ok but I kinda wanna talk about Bitcoin too because that was the first cryptoeconomic model we saw” and since the material was fairly basic, I focused on bitcoin for that chapter. The book is intended to follow the course and complement it with other examples as well, outside of purely ethereum. No offense, Karl lol.


@karl Hello Karl! Thanks for your initiative!
Just finished watching your intro lecture, I have few doubts!
As you mentioned few advanced mechanisms(plasma) to avoid the double spend problem and synchronium assumptions! Why don’t we just consider global timestamps from miners and execute them first accordingly, in this way there won’t be any double spend problem! Right?


Hey @dheeraj07, I highly recommend watching the rest of the lectures to find the answers to your questions! We discuss the pitfalls of relying on timestamps in Lecture 2.3.


Thanks! @K-Ho
Will go through the rest of the the course videos :slight_smile: