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I read a lot, and think a lot. From what I can tell, it seems that cooperation is the fundamental thing that has allowed humans to overcome major difficulties and become the dominant species on the planet. For a while this worked really well in tribes where people knew each other and established reputation, and ten in top down command and control systems where one gov/religion would coordinate all it’s members to get stuff done (build churches/pyramids, invade less coordinated small tribes, etc…).

Today though, we live in a global 24/7 interconnected world where these institutions are ill-equipped to take on our current challenges such as environmental challenges (tragedy of the commons), border-less culture/businesses/information (permission-less innovation), and a general inability for people to secure or verify information and value (and thus make informed decisions). We cannot solve these problems with the same level of thinking that created them, but we can evolve our coordination mechanisms to meet these demands.

This is where cryptoeconomics comes in: it’s an evolution of human cooperation. My goal is to better understand cryptoeconomic mechanisms in order to contribute in some small way to helping people get along. History has shown that this is possible, and the species, cultures, and societies that understood this are the ones that survived and thrived. Mars is cool, but I want to have fun here on earth too.


That is an excellent synopsis of cryptoeconomics. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Hello hello~ 嗨 你好
I’m JC from Taiwan. A big fan of Ethereum and CryptoEconomics.
Assistant Professor in Dept. Interaction Design, University of Taipei Tech.
Teach AI, VR, Blockchain in Design School, and also as consultant of several crypto project such as Movie Blockchain , Blockchain Toolset and COBINHOOD EX.

I already contribute two Cryptoeconomics video subtitle translation (EN to Chinese), and will keep translate more lessons to allow more people in Chinese language area learn more about CryptoEconomics.

Nice to be here know each other, also keep contributing together.

Peace out.
JC KO - Medium@daaab


This is so cool. Love how it shows visually how changing a transaction only makes changes to the merkle branch!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Greg, I currently work in the music industry at a small indie record label in Los Angeles doing finance. Music was always a love of mine but nothing has ever grabbed me quite like finding out and then proceeding down the rabbit hole of blockchain and Ethereum. I’m currently working my way through the lectures while consuming as much information about cryptoeconomics as my free time allows. In addition, I am also learning to write code in Java Script and anxiously awaiting until I have enough of a grasp on it to dive in to Solidity to learn how to write smart contracts.

I am thankful that this community exists and looking forward to learning from everyone here and go on this adventure together!


Hi all,

I’m a medical student, just checking things out. I don’t know much about blockchains or cryptoeconomics so thought I’d learn a bit here!


Cool! Welcome welcome :slight_smile:

Is there anything in particular that interests you in the space or that you have questions about?


Welcome :slight_smile:

Are you currently working on any projects and/or are there any specific concepts or things you’re exploring that you’d like feedback or information on?


Sounds awesome. What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned in the space so far and is there any concept or thing you’re struggling with or have questions about?