Notes from Community Call #2



  • The outline for the book is in flux, contributions to the main chapter text are on hold for now as we finalize the outline. This way we minimize the amount of work that is lost when the outline is restructured.
  • Community members are invited instead to write blog posts or case studies or alternative text that we will save and promote separately from the main text.


  • Per DM’s suggestion, Karl will be doing a live coding demonstration for the first homework assignment, as well as sharing the vision and end goal for the programming assignments

Video contributions

  • Any member of the community that wants to create a video (Kevin has agreed to do one on cryptographic fundamentals for chapter 1.1!) please do so!
  • Format, length, theme, doesn’t matter - if you want to re-explain any of the videos in your own way or from a different angle, or if you want to add some videos on case studies, go ahead and create the video, then hit us up so we can link to your video from the main youtube channel!

Whiteboarding Sessions

  • Aparna has volunteered to lead some whiteboarding sessions, please see the post “Paper discussion Calls” on the forum


Thanks for posting these notes. I really wanted to make the call, but something came up. Am now looking forward to Karl’s live coding demonstration, blogs, videos, and Aparna’s whiteboarding sessions!
Thanks y’all :slight_smile:


Also, @karl freely share svg gerbil pics please. #freethegerbil movement. :laughing:


Thank you for the notes. Regrettably, I couldn’t make it to today’s call.



I just added a coding project outline to the /code github repo. I mentioned during the call that I wanted to put together a resource which can be used as a reference for what the coding project should look like when finished. I will also be adding a bunch of issues so we can even better track progress.

@K-Ho let me know if you have any feedback :slight_smile:

@DmSuja share svg gerbil pics please here ya go :slight_smile:



Hey @karl! Looks exciting. It did take me a bit of time to fully understand everything, so I like the idea of having instructional videos to walk through the code. Was also thinking it’d be great to have the option for people to write their own implementations of some of the functions! Not sure what the best way to do this would be, but for c1, we could just let people implement applyTransaction and have instructional comments on what things they should be checking for, and include hints for the more difficult parts like using EthCrypto.recover.

I’d be more than happy to help out with videos and I might be able to work on the network message propagation visualization next week. It could be easier to visualize if we give each node a pattern with