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Cool theory I read today:

For anyone interested in Nikola Tesla. In his last years he was considered a nut by the public and was obsessed with pigeons. Feeding them, rehabbing them, keeping them in his room. When Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive he replied, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.” Realizing electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities that could drive the world’s energy use without the need of coal, oil, or gas he set out to provide energy to people all over the world, free of cost.

The theory is that Tesla actually loved pigeons so much because he used to use them as carrier birds to send cryptographic messages. Knowing that his phones were always tapped and that him and his ideas were always being watched so closely. If it’s true, and we’ll never know, that’s the most badass creative thing I’ve ever heard.


Hey Karl, what is your go-to understanding for the case a lot of bitcoin maximalists make when they say “there’s no inherent reason to use an alt coin to pay for any kind of fee” and etc im sure you heard other critiques of this line of thinking. On the one hand, i actually do see their point. On the other, it’s just fundamentally naive to believe that we don’t need anything other than bitcoin. I feel this is the crux of “crypto economics” and would like to know your thoughts


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Groundbreaking sharded claps


@Peter just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your articles. I’ve read every single one so far.


Thanks buddy, means alot :slight_smile:


Do you think that the fact that most people (in the US, not sure about outside really) only have 1 of 2 phones mostly (apple,android) would allow phones to possibly be a perfect hardware device for PoW consensus? Considering everyone usually has the same specs and everyone has a phone?

I live in the Boston area, and working with some others on a project called The Massachusetts Mesh Network. ( And we are essentially creating our own internet service for others through mesh routers and Libremesh firmware. Free for the public if they are in range and fully private. (slow as molasses though)

But I joined the project because I believe mesh networks and blockchains will live in perfect harmony one day. And can complement each other so well. (and be the tool that takes down AT&T, Verizon and Comcast)

Anyone else ever think about this? Could phones one day possibly be our best option for hardware PoW consensus?


Given the fact the FCC ended net neutrality, this has a high chance of gaining traction in the future. I read about how in some countries, the neighbors built their own internet. I forgot the country, but it was a good read. I found one article that may help.

In terms of funding and traction, maybe do an ICO where token holder can gain access to the network. Make the whole thing nonprofit. Maybe even do it like they do in Aisa,… Get advertising companies to help you. Free users are subsidized via them viewing ads. And if not that model, why not do it like Brave Browser? Tokenize the advertisements so people get paid to watch ads and surf the net.

OH!! People who put routers up, maybe pay them too! Like they are miners of data lol. The more thier router process, the more they get paid via the tokens.



thanks for the reply @DmSuja. Yes it is more of an ideological idea for me right now. Along with much of what I love in the crypto space right now as I am trying to learn more of the tech side. I have just begun learning really how the internet works. It is so much more physically reliant than I originally thought.


Massachusetts Mesh Network

Huge fan of mesh networks! It’s one of the most important internet infrastructure projects and we need more people working on it! There’s going to be a bunch of engineering challenges I’m sure & rollout could be complex, but if we don’t do it there’s absolutely a pretty large failure mode left open for public blockchains.

phones to possibly be a perfect hardware device for PoW consensus?

So in PoW consensus protocols, the more work you do the more weight your vote is regarding what the real history is, and often times the more rewards you make. So the more work you can do (hashes for instance) the more money you can make. This means that to make the most profit, it often makes sense to develop special purpose hardware (ASICs) to solve the puzzles for cheap. Because phones are general purpose and not built specifically for solving the puzzles, they are going to be less efficient with regard to energy burned vs amount of work done. There was once a vision of a lot of small devices doing work in people’s homes, but it seems that the cost of electricity & special purpose hardware makes this vision less realistic–there are too many economies of scale.

That said, phones can perform PoW for things other than consensus! For instance, hashcash is a good example of an application which can use PoW that would be a very reasonable fit for a phone. In hashcash you use PoW as an anti-spam protection on emails. I believe that the whisper protocol also does this! Because there aren’t strong incentives to create more efficient PoW in these examples, phones can work quite well.


Thanks @Karl appreciate the response. I think the more I learn about all of this stuff the more I realize I do not know. Humbling, but I think it also just makes it all the more cool.

Going forward - I really am going to be using this community to learn more. I am not sure if I have enough expertise yet to contribute. But I love everything about this community, and looking forward to helping any way I can.


As a Perl guy this is my all time favorite post.


Is there generally considered a “best” strategy for Stablecoins to maintain their price near the intended peg?
I have been reading about how they usually fall into 1 of 3 categories: collateralized on-chain, collateralized off-chain, and seigniorage shares.

Do some inherent more risk than others, Or would one strategy for maintaining price be better in certain environments than others?


I’m totally new :slight_smile:
Is there an easy way to send “for fun” erc20 tokens between friends through mobile phones? (i.e. if I make some tokens, how can I send them to my friends without it being overly complicated for me and them to figure out and set up).


I know there is Eth2Phone which is probably the closest thing to what you are looking for. And there is Hexel where you can actually make your own token but I think it’s exchanged through email or something. Have never actually tried it.


@jinglebells is right. Quokkas are the cutest!


Check out
Very similar I think and USV funded