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By popular demand, I’ve created this post to be the single source of information on how to contribute to and stay up to date with development. This course is an entirely open source effort. Your contributions are more than welcome!
Last updated: July 19, 2019

Goals for is a free, open-source blockchain course, built by and for open-source blockchain communities. The course is intended to educate the next wave of open-source blockchain researchers and developers.

Where to contribute?


Development of the course is divided up into the following 5 Github repositories. Each repo has documentation with more information and guidelines on how to contribute. Check 'em out and join in on development!

  1. :clapper:Lectures - development of outlines, content, and slides for video lectures (led by @karl and @K-Ho )
  2. :space_invader:Code - Writeups, tests, and solutions to the coding project, consisting of JS implementations of protocols + attacks covered in lectures (led by @K-Ho )
  3. :hamster:Website - The website, reach out to @K-Ho if you’re interested in helping with translations! (led by @burrrata)
  4. :joystick:Visualizations - building interactive network visualizations of consensus protocols and attacks. (led by @K-Ho )
  5. :orange_book:Book - (Needs Maintainer) writing content for the accompanying book, “Cryptoeconomics: an Introduction”.
  6. Chainshot Content - (Not Active) This repo will be where we create Chainshot lessons, if and when we decide to host the course on Chainshot.

Other key places for collaboration:

  1. This forum - for questions about the course content, contributions, and general discussions on all things Cryptoeconomics. New to the forums? Introduce yourself here!
  2. Bi-weekly community calls - community calls are every other Thursday at 8am PST.
    If you’d like to add a schedule of all community calls, please add this calendar. This call is for contributor collaboration and a great place for newcomers to ask questions!
  3. Cryptoeconomic study group - Weekly study group to go through distributed systems, cryptography, and game theory books (More info here) - current plan is to work through Tim Roughgarden’s Algorithmic Game Theory course.

How to contribute?

If you’re like me and hadn’t contributed to open-source development before this project, here are some guides that I found useful:

Code of Conduct

I’ve added the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct to the website repo here. Be kind and respectful of others! Let’s all learn and spread Cryptoeconomics and try to gerbil-d a better future together! :heart:

Reply to this thread with your questions or concerns. Take a look at the Github repositories, check out their docs, and submit a pull request or issue with any changes you’d like to see!

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