Open Carrot Bounties 🥕


We have lots of awesome things on our to-do list. If you want to get involved we would be happy to help you get started on any of the open Issues in our Bounties repo. These Issues will make you elligible to earn Carrots :carrot:, one of the native tokens of the Cryptoeconomics.Study community. More information on Carrot tokens and the Cryptoeconomics.Study DAO can be found here.

While some open Issues have a Carrot budget set, others are TBD. If you want to start working on an open Issue just comment right there in the Issue. We’ll then do our best by answering questions, providing feedback, and minting you Carrots along the way! :carrot:

Also if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement regarding Carrot bounties please let us know here in this thread :slight_smile:

Welcome To The Cryptoeconomics.Study Community Forum 🙂