Plasma Child Chain Miners and Transaction Fees


Hey everyone,

I’ve went through the course overview document and saw the bullets regarding Plasma hybrid PoS construction high level overview, but I have some questions regarding the child chain that I am hoping someone could clarify.

  1. When a child chain is created, how are miners for the child chain chosen? Do these miners get compensated in transaction fees?

  2. Is it possible to setup transaction fees for the child chain in the ERC20 token that represents the chain?



According to the plasma white paper I think (1) miners have choice in whether they want to participate in a child chain or not. There can be many or just 1 - supply and demand comes into play here I think based on the economic incentives which is TBD.

“With simple contracts and business logic such as a basic contract account holding funds
on behalf of its users, an Ethereum bond can represent a stake in the Plasma chain.”

For (2) I am not quite sure I understand your question but you can send the ERC20 token to the plasma contract and when you withdraw it there is some type of transaction fee that is proportionally matched to the main chain’s fees/rewards.