Trying to think about decentralised AML - Thoughts?


Hey folks! Been trying to read up on everything cryptoeconomics I can and immerse myself in this course. I’ve been thinking a lot about decentralised anti money laundering mechanisms - how can we shut dirty money out of systems without relying on centralised authorities? I have managed to get pretty much all my thoughts and knowledge out here:

I think it’s a really interesting problem, but I could use some help from cryptoeconomic experts on it. Thoughts? Does anything like this exist yet, or is anyone talking about it? How can such a system coexist with privacy?

Looking forward to hearing from y’all.


Devils advocate here. With projects like Moreno, I don’t think you could run an AML operation. Some money will always be criminal. Money as a medium is like the force. Jedi or Sith, it doesn’t mater. Both can wield it. Which crimes generate the most amount of money? I am guessing drugs. There is a legal solution there, like how Portugal decriminalized pretty much all drugs and medicalized the hardcore drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc).

Though, here is a thought, instead of only punishing the bad actors (if you could find them), why not also use money they make and redirect it on a lottery for the good actors to gain? Like this: