Website Overhaul & Collaboration Process

Please provide feedback! It will make my day <3

Website Overhaul

I just made some large changes to the website which I think you may like. Check them out! . Some of the changes made (thanks to GitBook):

Collaboration Process

Part of the justification for the website overhaul was me trying to iron out a good structure for both the course and contributions to the course. My ideas for how to structure contributions are as follows:

  1. Start out with one big repo with all of the content of the course & the website source. Everyone can submit PRs and we can work off of that at first. The master repository is – contributions here are already very welcome! Particularly on the course overview doc.
  2. As the content grows in size, we will likely want to split up the repo into submodules: book, lectures, and code.
    a) The repositories may be broken down further if need-be. However, starting simple with one big repo seems like a good path forward. For instance, eventually it could make sense for the code repo to be split up into multiple sections for each stage of the course project, but for now we keep it simple and all together.
  3. The forum will continue to be a place where we can have general discussions on what the course should include, as well as content for the course.
  4. I’m considering setting up a video call for those interested where we can talk synchronously, and once the course starts up we can have discussions and Q&A. Also would love to say hi in person to everyone :slight_smile:
So to quickly summarize how I imagine things moving forward:

Where things are located

  1. GitHub for collaborating on course materials.
  2. This forum for questions on content and general discussions.
  3. Maybe some zoom conference calls :thinking:

How you can help

  1. Reply to this thread with your questions, concerns, or good vibes :heart:
  2. Take a look at the GH, read through what I’ve put together thus far, and submit a PR with any changes you’d like to see.
  3. Tell me if you’d enjoy jumping on a call on Thursdays at 7am PST, once every two weeks or so :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot to mention, I added a creative commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) license to the repo :sunny: Let me know if that’s a good one.

Contribution guidelines

Looks great Karl. Super exciting!

I submitted a PR to the course overview doc.

Would definitely be interested in joining the Thursday call to learn more.

The CC 4.0 license looks good to me :slight_smile:


Withdrew my PRs for an Introduction to cryptoeconomics after I noticed Chapter 0. Great chapter :wink:


This is amazing, Karl. Thanks a bunch :smiley:

I see the advantage to using GH for the course content, especially when we start coding projects. Is there an advantage to using this forum for discussion over GH? I can see the course feeling a little disjunctive as time goes on, with the code uploaded to GH, reference to discussions here, and occasional reference to a conference call.


Also, a thanks to Jing and Aparna :smiley:


We can add the same thing to the github readme to give people an idea as to how to proceed.

I’ll add it and make a PR