An Evolution of Human Cooperation


I’m stuck figuring out how to make Rust play nicely in mdBook, but while drowning in Stack Overflow technicalities my mind wandered to cryptoeconomics and how it’s the next evolution of human cooperation.

Monarchies: I have a big stick and god gave it to me, and god has a big stick too, so do as I say otherwise we’ll hit you with a big metal/moral stick.

Capitalism: I have lots of money to buy lawyers and equities and our gov enforces and supports money, laws, and equities, so do as I say otherwise we’ll hit you with a big and expensive legal/physical stick.

Cryptoeconomics: there’s things to be done and if you want to do them you’ll be rewarded with X, but there’s also other things you could try to do and if you do you’ll be punished with Y, so do whatever you want :v:

Cryptoceonomics, if implemented correctly, might help to replace/minimize many institutions and practices we use today to reach consensus or enforce behaviors. That being said, there’s still a place for legal processes and voting, but they are often overused and inefficient for many usecases. Cryptoeconomics can help us optimize incentive verification and enforcement just like software and computers helped us optimize database entry and management :slight_smile: