Awesome Cryptoeconomics


A lot of people have been posting asking for resources and advice on how to get started exploring cryptoeconomics. While is awesome, and is being built to answer exactly that, it’s not there yet. With that in mind, I thought a thread with more cryptoeconomics resources would be helpful.

To start, here’s Awesome Cryptoeconomics which is a resource of resources exploring “what is cryptoeconomics?” as well as various mechanisms that are live in the wild. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a great start for anyone who wants to dive in :slight_smile:


Also, for anyone who’s not already aware of the “awesome lists”, they’re awesome :wink: Pretty much anything you want to learn related to computers or programming has an awesome list, and here’s an awesome list of awesome lists to get started:


I’ve maintained this list for a while now, might be helpful:


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What are your favorite 2-3 articles/resources you’d recommend for the group?

Also just out of curiosity, is there a reason you didn’t add it to the “official” awesome lists or merge it with the L4 list?


Glad you liked it.

My list is about one year old now so I’m thinking of submitting it to the “official” list now. I wasn’t aware L4 had a similar list of their own, it seems to be very recent though.