Charity non-profit organization auction contract


Hi everyone,
Looking for someone who can help write the auction contract for a charity event scheduled for 9/28.
One unique token will be created for the event and the token’s address/qr code will be added to a canvas which 14 LA artists will paint a section of. The painting and token is the prize of the auction.
The auction is something similar to fomo3d where “bidders” are buying keys that control the wallet with the unique token, and once the auction’s timer runs out the last person holding a private key wins the physical painting and the unique token. All proceeds go to the charity. And everyone who contributed will get a certificate from the charity in the amount they contributed during the auction for tax purposes. Please dm if you are interested or know someone who might be.

More info on the event and participating artists below:

Controlled Chaos Events

Live art created by:

*Teachr @teachr1
*Jimmy Ovadia @artofjimmyovadia
*Phil Bourque @pbourque77
*Amber Brady @girlfishart
*Cameron Schuyler @cameron_schuyler
*Thomas Clark @skatehead
*Nathaniel Mares @rasmares
*Mr MK Ultra @mrmk_ultra
*Rick Rodriguez @ibelieveinasone
*David Marple @marpleart
*Time Bomb Art @timebombart
*Stoney Eyed Studios @stoneyeyestudios
*Destroy All Design @destroyalldesign

The musical guests will be the high-energy hip-hop act, Tyrone’s Jacket, the futuristic EDM musician NK Riot, the raw rock blasting from Antenna the End, and the feel good reggae rasta vibes flowing from Roots of Mine. Also an amazing DJ set from the blazing Low-End Freq, DJ Kalipzo!