Cryptoeconomics for Stablecoins


Who’s interested in helping out with a chapter on stablecoins? I think it would be interesting to go over mechanisms that the federal reserve uses, compare it to the mechanisms that existing (and defunct) stablecoins utilized. I’m interested in examining the unique properties that crypto allows us to play with.


I can help ( I am new to the forum, if that’s alright ). I have been thinking about Stable coin mechanisms for a few months now. Would be good exercise to learn.


:wave:I’ll help! Which chapter in would it be?


happy to help as well


I would love to help


Would be interested!


Hey @hilmarx, @Tcolonel, @nich, @arne9131! @jinglebells and I made a brief outline of what topics we’d like to cover in the chapter. Submit a pull request with your writing (make sure to include citations when possible) and we’ll merge everyone’s work together to form the final version of the chapter!


first PR submitted!

I propose organizing the section by the three main mechanisms (fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized, non-collateralized), giving examples of ~2 projects that fall into each category. Then wrap up each section with strengths/tradeoffs/risks ?


@nich Thanks for the contribution, that sounds like a great format to me. I just gave you commit access: Feel free to add in whatever content you feel fit, I really enjoyed your writing :slight_smile: