Meetups for Cryptoeconomics - what to cover, what to talk about?


Hey everyone!

So I’ve been holding some meetups which are focused on Ethereum development. The meetups are focused on programming and getting the basics. There have been more and more people turning up. I would love the meetup to be more community driven and discussion driven too. I am thinking it would also be awesome to have a meetup specifically focused on cryptoeconomics, discussing what is discussed in the lecture/book and beyond. Thinking about governance issues, economic models and incentive theories, emerging tech etc.

What type of content would you recommend to cover? What type of content should I generate for a meetup setting? And what type of content and discussions would you look to have if you attended a 2 hour and more smaller group meetup setting?


Take a look at Token engineering. I think meetups similar to the ones they have would be very valuble.


Just had a look, it’s awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Is anyone in NYC?