Modeling Cryptoeconomics (and thoughts on the website)


Looking for more ways to engage with people on cryptoeconomics and came across this presentation by @karl. One thing that stood out was a comment early on regarding modeling incentive mechanisms. Does anyone know of any frameworks or research that are being developed to model cryptoeconomic mechanisms?

Also in regards to that presentation, it has WAY more energy and is WAY more inspiring than the video that’s currently on the front page of The current lecture video is great, but only after you have the expectation that you’re watching a lecture series. It’s not the best if I’m just trying to figure out what is all about.
Also, the front page is the first thing that people see when they come to the site. It’s the job of the front page to make a positive first impression, inspire the user to want more, and then help them find where/what that is. Since people coming to the site want to learn about cryptoeconomics, they’re on a learning journey, and at the heart of every learning journey is the question “why”. I feel like the presentation about answers the why question and inspires me to want to learn more. With that in mind, is there a reason the current video was chosen over the presentation video?

Also, regarding the “why” of, is it encouraged / welcome to post discussions and questions generally related to cryptoeconomics, or this forum mainly to serve as a supplement to the course where people can discuss and work on the materials in the course?


I actually agree that the Techcrunch video is better. The energy, more focus on the “why” and co-branding of Techcrunch are good hooks to get people to explore more. What do you guys think @karl and @jinglebells?

Discussions of all things Cryptoeconomics are welcomed!! Related: @GriffGreen of Giveth is planning to use the forums to create discussions around Cryptoeconomic mechanisms like TCRs!