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Love goTenna! Only problem is that you can’t connect to the Internet with it. Only send text messages with others in the network.

Saw this a couple days ago which is really, really interesting…


Interesting! Ethereum on #openwrt!


In terms of off-chain computation. Can we have 100% proof that an off-chain transaction/computation actually happened? Or if we can’t possibly get 100% proof, is it up to cryptoeconomic incentives to kind of mitigate this and incentivize the right…thing? (sorry couldn’t think of a proper last word)


been reading up on TrueBit. And how you kick off the computation on-chain (“this” goes off chain and then submitted on chain and then you have verifiers that do the work and prove the work) And if someone finds out that someone cheated you have cryptoeconomic incentives to “punish” that person. But it seems like it’s missing the token incentives? Because it seems like since it is so easy prove the work, that no one would actually do incorrect/false work. And if no one does false work, then there’s really no need for the tokenized incentives. But the work needs to be checked nonetheless? Idk - it seems like a really crazy cryptoeconomic problem.


Also! @aparnakr @karl just bought tickets to the Cryptoeconomics Security Conference in October so it will be nice to learn and hear what you and others have to say! :slight_smile:


also! thank you for all of the hard work you guys do.