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Love goTenna! Only problem is that you can’t connect to the Internet with it. Only send text messages with others in the network.

Saw this a couple days ago which is really, really interesting…


Interesting! Ethereum on #openwrt!


In terms of off-chain computation. Can we have 100% proof that an off-chain transaction/computation actually happened? Or if we can’t possibly get 100% proof, is it up to cryptoeconomic incentives to kind of mitigate this and incentivize the right…thing? (sorry couldn’t think of a proper last word)


been reading up on TrueBit. And how you kick off the computation on-chain (“this” goes off chain and then submitted on chain and then you have verifiers that do the work and prove the work) And if someone finds out that someone cheated you have cryptoeconomic incentives to “punish” that person. But it seems like it’s missing the token incentives? Because it seems like since it is so easy prove the work, that no one would actually do incorrect/false work. And if no one does false work, then there’s really no need for the tokenized incentives. But the work needs to be checked nonetheless? Idk - it seems like a really crazy cryptoeconomic problem.


Also! @aparnakr @karl just bought tickets to the Cryptoeconomics Security Conference in October so it will be nice to learn and hear what you and others have to say! :slight_smile:


also! thank you for all of the hard work you guys do.


Anyone else heading to the Crypto Conference at UCSB tomorrow and Saturday? Would love to meet some of you in person!


Also @padpad I think you’d like this podcast episode about off-chain computation!

In the episode, I remember they discussed the idea of having the Truebit protocol force computational errors periodically to reward verifiers even if no one is actually doing incorrect work.


@K-Ho that’s exactly where I had first heard of it ◡̈


Anyone at EthBerlin hmu for a coffee ~


Thanks, padpad! I found that the new coinbase wallet (formerly Toshi) works great for this because it allows switching from main to test net. I made my first token on Rinkeby last week :sunglasses:, and was able to easily send it to my friend through the Toshi wallet. (he had to change to Rinkeby in the settings). Works perfectly for our purpose to easily send the token without the need of real money!


Not really sure where this goes - I saw a translation effort is underway for the videos:

Is there a forum where this is coordinated?


As we speak about translation efforts, I think it not a bad idea to subtitle videos in for example Chinese and Spanish to open up for a wider audience. And translate the book. Willing to participate in joined effort to do this for Spanish as I live in Spain.


Giving away a free ticket to the Cryptoeconomic Security Conference Oct 11-12 if anyone would to go (and see Aparna and Karl talk). I cannot attend anymore.


I will be in SF, lets meetup!


I think Helium is doing something similar with a protocol as well as hardware solution, but I don’t know the details of the project. It’s also expensive at ~$500 per unit, but it looks like they also sold smaller kits in 2017. Not sure if/how ISPs would try to block them piggy backing on their networks or if that would be easy to bypass via DNS-SEC, Tor/Orchid, or something else?

There’s also GoTenna which is a mesh network, but right now they only have products for messaging and bitcoin tx, not full blown internet capabilities.

Regardless of mesh networks though, if ISPs can’t tell where you’re going or what you’re doing then they can’t really enforce zero-rating or paywalls anyways. Pretty much any secure VPN, Tor/Orchid, or… eventually… maybe… tls + dns-sec + encrypted sni + content addressing on ipfs/swarm will make the entire system more secure (and neutral) by default.


Is there a good source for key takeaways/updates from the conference (CESC) or videos from the talks yet?