Paper Discussions Calls


Paper Discussion List:

Proof of Stakes:

  • Casper FFG
  • Casper CBC
  • Algorand
  • Thunderella
  • Snow White
  • Sleepy
  • Fruit Chains
  • Avalanche
  • Dfinity

DAG Based:

  • Hash Graph
  • Spectre

I would be happy to walk through each of these papers and every other week get on a call and discuss them. I’ve been working on a paper which analyzes these different protocols. Would also love to have discussions about the papers at the end of the teaching sessions where we understand the paper in depth :slight_smile:

General format:
45 minutes teaching the paper.
15 - 30 minutes of questions / discussions at the end.

Sign up schedule for future calls!
Curious, what else would you guys like to add to the list and what would you all like to talk about next week on Sunday? (July 15th)(Shifting the call to July 15th to give people enough time to add suggested new topics)


This list looks great. I’d be happy to walk through the papers top to bottom. Unfortunatly, I am not sure if I can commit to the Sunday call, but I will try! Rather, I hope these talks will be recorded/published as they look like they will be very valuble.
Thank you!


I’m also happy to switch the days around to Saturday if that works better.


I would also prefer Saturday


Sounds awesome, thanks for organizing it! Are you planning to do a Skype call where you share the screen (for the presentation?)


How about Saturday 10am PDT? Also I’m going to try notebook or white board for the first time session. When I do these in person, I use a whiteboard. I’ll try different styles and see what everyone finds easiest and works best :slight_smile:


thank you! @aparnakr looking forward to digging into your meta-analysis paper


Hey Everyone! Tomorrow we will have a call to go over the framework for analysis! The call is at 10am PDT. Join here: :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you all. I will record the call and post it later for those who can’t make it.


So this is 14 July 10 am PDT right?


Yes that’s correct !


what is the meeting ID? trying to join in now


I think this is the link -


Hey Everyone! For this who missed yesterday’s call is the link. I’m combining this call with the Mechanism Labs community call since we are discussing the same topics :slight_smile: The next call will be on July 28th 10am PDT. We will be talking about Tendermint on the next call! Come prepared with your questions for the Tendermint Researchers who will be on the call!


just finished the vid, great resource! love this community! specifically the open source nature


I’ll make sure to mute my mic next time so my note taking face isn’t blowing up everyone’s screens lol : p


lol I just realized there is a way for me to pin my video 8 minutes into the call. I should do that and full screen record next time.


Thanks so much for recording this call! Just watched it. The paper seems very comprehensive. I’ll be reading it in more detail as the calls progress. Thx!


Hey Everyone! The next call is on July 28th :slight_smile: we are having folks from tendermint explain their paper. Do come with all the questions that you have for them!


Timing and meeting link?

#20 Saturday at 10am PDT