Weekly Game Theory Study Group


I’m starting a study group for going through distributed systems, cryptography, game theory, and economics courses/books. The idea is to go through something like a chapter per week and have a weekly study group to cover the topics or homework problems we struggled with during the week.

Based on votes from @Dan-Nolan @will, and @yaliu14, we’ll start off the study group working through Tim Roughgarden’s Stanford Algorithmic Game Theory course.

Course description:

Broad survey of topics at the interface of theoretical computer science and economics. Introduction to auction and mechanism design, with an emphasis on computational efficiency and robustness. Introduction to the “price of anarchy”, with applications to networks. Algorithms and complexity theory for learning and computing Nash and market equilibria. Case studies in Web search auctions, wireless spectrum auctions, matching markets, network routing, and security applications.


Basic algorithms and complexity (154N and 161, or equivalent). No prior knowledge of economics or game theory is required.

Time Requirement
We’ll be following the syllabus closely, so this course will take ~2.5 months to complete (mid-March till end of May), and will require ~10hrs per week of work.

Join in

If you’re interested, fill out the When2Meet (time is in PST) for when you are free, and we’ll pick the best meeting time next week. Excited to go through this course with you all :smile:

Biweekly Community Call #4 - Tomorrow! 02/28 @ 8am PST

Looking forward to it. I’ve checked out the first lecture. I’ll be happy to study with y’all.


To anyone interested: we meet on Mondays from 9am-11am PST, please message me and I’ll add you to our telegram group. If that conflicts with your schedule, still feel free to follow along with us, as I’ll be recording meetings going over each week’s exercise set. I forgot to record our first study group, but here are my answers to Exercise Set 1.


Would love to attend/be added to the telegram group! How should I go about this?


Meeting #2 Recording: https://youtu.be/Qy_ApOt33eo

Kevin’s Answers


Ed’s answers:

Come join us on Zoom this Monday 3/25 at 9am PST to go over Problem Set #1 :slight_smile:


Recordings of meetings:

Meeting #3 Recording (Ex. Set #2, Problem Set #1, Misc. Game Theory discussion): https://youtu.be/ZphID3vDVeg
Meeting #4 Recording (Exercise Set #3): https://youtu.be/k7VpmYD7Vds
Meeting #5 Recording (Exercise Set #3): https://youtu.be/UCkn6ZLiwow
Meeting #6 Recording (Exercise Set #4): https://youtu.be/-VX-zRk2w2E
Meeting #6.5 Recording (co-working on Exercise Set #4): https://youtu.be/EuPryXVR2GE