Introduction of Self


Hi all - just thought it would be nice to have an introduction of self for folks! Maybe talk about why they are passionate in cryptoeconomics, when it started, their theories about the future of the field, etc. I’m at work but will add mine later today :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone ~ My name is Peter and I come from a dainty little town called Sydney. I used to be a UX designer but now spend my days learning things about computers and technology. I hope to get more involved in this space :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Matt from Atlanta (USA)! I’m here to try to learn as much as I can and figure out how I can contribute (to this course and the broader Ethereum ecosystem).



I’m Daniel… Interested in seeing how economics can be applied to cryptocurrency. I think mechanism design is quite interesting and Elinor Ostrom’s governing the commons. Whether the end game of what does eventuate results in better outcomes that isn’t necessarily zero sum


I don’t know how to code, hate math and barely have a mastery of my native language, let alone a programming language. But I need to at least learn to read it.


Hi all, I’m Megan based out of Seattle. I think this is a really important topic to socialize and I think going through this project will also help me learn more. Very excited to work with you all.


Hi everyone, I’m Desmond from Singapore. Currently an intern with KyberNetwork. Blockchains involves a variety of different areas (math, comp security, cryptography, economics etc.), so I hope to get a deeper understanding to contribute better to the ecosystem.


Hi Everyone I.m Mark from England.I’m looking to build a new career in the cryptoeconmic space. Let the learning commence!!


Hi Everyone, my name is padpad.

I am 24 and from Boston, Massachusetts. I work at one of the Big4 in Accounting, and just thought my life would be pretty typical and I would work 9-5 and go home and do whatever. That was until about last September. I have always been passionate about economics, and the philosophy of money. Not of money itself, but the philosophy of it & why it makes people do the things they do. Last September I began learning about blockchains. And there has been nothing in my life I have been more passionate about in my life. I decided to just jump into it. I built a mining rig - not for the profits, but for the learning. To be a part of the space I enjoy so much. And learning about blockchains got me to learn about other facets of the technology - such as the different cryptocurrencies, the opportunities of mesh networks and blockchains, the economics of blockchains, etc. The more I immersed myself in this the more I fell in love with it all. My passion in school was always economics. And I began to realize how blockchains could change the whole field of economics as we know it. I emailed my alma mater and asked them if they had plans to implement a field of cryptoeconomic study in the future. That was 6 months ago and they never replied. So I am glad I found this community here. My only goal is to learn as much as I possibly can and find ways to contribute to this community. A more personal goal of mine is to learn more about the tech. As an accountant - tech is not my specialty. But I realize if I want to truly learn about this industry, learning about the tech it vital. Including cryptography (of course). Which is all very interesting. I want to devote the rest of my life continuing to learn everything in this space, because I feel like it has the opportunity to change the world. And we are just at the beginning of it all. I feel like this technology could be humanity’s last hope in balancing out the power between the state and its people - and between large corporations and us people. I look forward to taking part in this community with everyone! Thanks - padpad


Hi all! William here, product designer based in Singapore. Very excited about the space in general (looking forward to cool dApps) and would like to learn more about cryptoeconomics :slight_smile:


Hi all, Jehan here! I’m based in HK and run the Ethereum HK meetup, come visit! My day job is co-founder of Kenetic, an institutional platform for blockchain and crypto. I also co-founded Social Alpha Foundation with Nydia Zhang, a non-profit that raises crypto from generous friends/projects/funds and redistributes it to vetted projects thinking about blockchain education or applications for social good like, Blockchain at Berkeley, and the Social Impact Summit. We welcome grant applications at Hope to add some firewood to the group :slight_smile:


Hi, Everyone!

My name is Win and like many of you all I have fell down the rabbit hole of blockchain and cryptoeconomics. I’m a recent NYU grad who is looking to start a career in blockchain research. (super open to meeting up in NYC) My wtf moment was when I read about the P-Epsilon attack a while back which absolutely blew my mind. Hoping to learn all I can get my hands on and of course buidl and give back.



Hello everyone,
I am Jatin, based out of Singapore. I am co-founder of BlockPunk (EF/SGInnovate funded startup) working at the intersection of blockchain & media/entertainment. I am super excited about crypto/blockchain and am looking forward to help build this course and also learn more about CryptoEconomics along the way.


Thank you and Nydia for all of your good work with the Social Alpha Foundation. Just checked it out & it looks incredible and why I got so into this space in the first place.


Ay man just subscribed. Loved reading about you and Julian’s project. And the fact that all of your CryptoAnime platform revenues are donated to Tohoku Tsunami relief charities is just awesome. I don’t think many people here in the States realize just how devastating that event was. You have got a customer in me.


Hello! I am Barnabé, I am currently doing a PhD in Singapore in game theory and systems and I have been following developments in blockchain systems and Ethereum more particularly for a while. Studying the mechanisms at the heart of cryptoeconomics is fascinating, so now I want to follow the well-known principle that “the best way to learn is to teach”: I hope to contribute to the class and learn with you all!


Ciao to everyone,

My name is Enrico and I am based in Italy, I have been a cryptoeconomics enthusiast since its infancy in 2008.

I cought the Ethereum mind virus in mid 2015 and been attending Devcons ever since to cure it ; )

My life challenge has always been to learn complex things from smarter people and explain them to everyone else (including me) … The only way to learn something is to teach it… so I am here to help in any capacity.


Hi everyone,

My name is Pedro and I’m based in the Netherlands. I recently changed my career to focus on Ethereum development and I’m absolutely loving learning cryptoeconomics!

I hope to be able to contribute and be part of of this community. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

My name is Will and I am a PhD in Game Studies. I love mechanism design and wrote my dissertation on how game designers communicate through the rules they deploy in their works. I come at game theory from a humanities (English, Comms, Sociology) background, rather than economics or math. Looking forward to learning and sharing what I may know that may be of any help.